Dress Code

Dress Generally:  Standard of dress and general appearance will, at all times, be under the control of the General Manager and enforced by the General Manager or his/her delegate; it will determine the privilege of Members and their guests to use the facilities of the Club and shall be commensurate with the dignity of the Club.

Dress Rules – In the Clubhouse:

Casual and golf attire are acceptable within the clubhouse.

Shirts must have a collar and be tucked in at all times unless specifically designed to be worn outside the waistband.

Polo or roll necks are acceptable.

Golf shoes are permitted in the Clubhouse.

Boat shoes (worn without socks) are permitted.

Patched, frayed, or torn jeans are not permitted.

Cargo shorts and cargo pants are not permitted.

Rubber thongs are not permitted.

Hats are not to be worn in the clubhouse.

 Dress Rules – On the Course:

Regulation golf shoes with soft spikes or dimpled soles must be worn on the course.

Clothing must be neat and tidy and be appropriate for golf.


  • Tailored short of modest length / tailored pant
  • Collared shirts which must be tucked into waistband
  • Visible predominately white socks (with shorts)


  • Tailored shorts/ skirts/ dresses of a modest length or tailored pant
  • Collared shirts
  • Visible socks (with shorts/skirts)


Members and their guests are expected to maintain their dress and appearance at all times, in keeping with the Club’s dress standards.  Members or visitors who do not comply with the Club’s dress regulations will be asked to purchase complying clothing from the pro shop to allow them to play.