Dress Code & Etiquette

Dress Code

Standard of dress and general appearance will, at all times, be under the control of the General Manager and enforced by the General Manager or his/her delegate; it will determine the privilege of Members and their guests to use the facilities of the Club and shall be commensurate with the dignity of the Club.

Dress Rules – In the Clubhouse

  • Casual and golf attire are acceptable within the clubhouse.
  • Shirts must have a collar and be tucked in at all times unless specifically designed to be worn outside the waistband.
  • Polo or roll necks are acceptable.
  • Golf shoes are permitted in the Clubhouse.
  • Boat shoes (worn without socks) are permitted.
  • Patched, frayed, or torn jeans are not permitted.
  • Cargo shorts and cargo pants are not permitted.
  • Rubber thongs are not permitted.
  • Hats are not to be worn in the clubhouse.

Dress Rules – On the Course

  • Regulation golf shoes with soft spikes or dimpled soles must be worn on the course.
  • Clothing must be neat and tidy and be appropriate for golf.


  • Tailored short of modest length / tailored pants
  • No denim or cargo pants/shorts
  • Collared shirts which must be tucked into waistband
  • Visible white/coloured socks (with shorts)


  • Tailored shorts/ skirts/ dresses of a modest length or tailored pants
  • No denim or cargo pants/shorts
  • Collared shirts
  • Visible white/coloured socks (with shorts/skirts)

Members and their guests are expected to maintain their dress and appearance at all times, in keeping with the Club’s dress standards.  Members or visitors who do not comply with the Club’s dress regulations will be asked to purchase complying clothing from the pro shop to allow them to play.


Course Care

  • Please repair all divots in fairway and rough
  • Please repair pitch marks on greens and rake bunkers after play, leaving the rake on the entry point in the bunker with the handle pointing parallel to the fairway being played
  • Players are requested to walk quickly between shots and call faster players through. Remember your position in the field is immediately behind the players in front, not merely in front of the players behind
  • Use the golf carts with care. They are to be driven at a responsible speed and in accordance with the rules
  • Lost ball – if you hit a ball into an area where the ball may be difficult to find or out of bounds, always play a provisional ball from the same spot before you leave that position to go and find the first ball.
  • Players are requested to use the bathroom facilities within the Clubhouse or on Course either prior to playing, or during the game, if required, and are to refrain from using the Course as their bathroom.


  • Smoking is not permitted inside. Designated smoking areas are defined with signage where applicable
  • Individual Members and guests shall not directly reprimand any employee of the Club
  • The Club complies with the Responsible Service of Alcohol Practices

Use of Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

  • Members, member’s guests and visitors must not make or receive phone calls or video calls (e.g. Skype) on the course at any time, except in the case of an emergency or unless permission has been granted for a special reason. Please ensure your device is on silent at all times. Please advise your playing partners if you are expecting to be contacted during the course of play due to any special or emergency situation.
  • Taking or showing photos and making or reading text/SMS messages is allowed provided it doesn’t interfere with the pace of play or cause disruption to your playing partners. Excluding course landscape photos, photos must not be published or posted on any social media platform including but not limited to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook, without prior knowledge and approval of all players featuring in the photo. However, GPS and distance measuring functions may be used provided they comply with the Rules of Golf and are accessed silently.